BYOTC: Mr. Steve Harvey

Well, well, well.  Lately we’ve been seeing Paula Deen making rounds to all the standard media outlets in her quest to return to the spotlight and promote the launch of her new digital (as in ‘online only’) network where she’ll be free to resume producing cooking shows, selling her line of products and rebuilding her overall heart disease-inspired lifestyle brand.  Last month, it was also reported that Ms. Deen made the quite impressive move of purchasing the rights to all of her previous cooking shows from the Food Network, presumably to add to her new lineup.  This behavior is actually rather inspiring and the Black community can certainly benefit from this example of ownership and how it allows for independence and freedom to be your true and authentic (maybe even a lil’ racist) self.  Kudos to Paula!  We can’t be mad at her.

We can, however, be mad at Mr. Tom Foolery himself, Steve Harvey.

Over the past few years, Mr. Harvey has been having a helluva run: successful television and radio shows, neighborhood award events, self-help seminars, a poorly-written yet inexplicably best-selling book which has led to TWO rather successful movies.  And after all this, he still has continued to maintain his mentoring camp for young Black men and boys.  Brace yourself, this is where the bullshit comes in.  As part of some perverse quid pro quo arrangement, Mr. Harvey has accepted Ms. Deen’s offer to sponsor his membership application to the elite (let’s be honest, White) entertainment circle, and in return, Ms. Deen will be using Mr. Harvey’s ever-present, blindingly bright, large toothy grin to cast an angelic glow over her in an attempt to no longer appear racist.  As part of this blood union, Mr. Harvey will be taking “as many boys as I want to fly down to Savannah” where Ms. Deen will then teach the boys culinary skills. One problem is Ms. Deen’s familiar fried entrees, served with a side of diabetes and hypertension, is not exactly what our community needs right now.  Beyond that, the larger issue is teaching our young Black men that it’s OK to engage with and even submit to someone that has mocked and devalued their very existence.  Some may preach forgiveness, but how do you forgive someone for the offense of being EXACTLY who they are?  Even now, at this moment, she’s probably daydreaming of having all those little black boys reenacting scenes from ‘Glory’ for her and her country-fried friends. Go ahead and forgive her if you want to but even if she truly feels bad for CALLING Black people niggers, she still actually BELIEVES it. Paula Deen is, and will always be, a white-haired, butter-dipped White supremacist.

Mr. Harvey, while we appreciate your commitment to the young men and boys of our community, this sir, is a fail. Your Sentence: The Chair.  Have a seat. Have several seats. Come back and join tha circle when you’re ready.


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  1. Mark

    October 8, 2014 at 5:21 am

    Steve Harvey is a clown (I would say coon but even as a Black man that seems a little harsh) parading around, selling his soul for dollars to the white man. We all know this. Is it really surprising the Paula is going to be on the show? The two times I’ve watched the piece of a TV show i changed the channel.
    His show is wack. That trash ass book was absolute garbage. And Kevin Hart was the only thing that made either of those horrible ass movies bareable.
    I knkw I will never buy a Paula Deen anything.
    Racism is alive and well and any father that allows his son to go on that trip to that racist’s house should be smacked immediately.

  2. Kim

    October 31, 2014 at 6:18 am

    Propaganda at its finest. We’ve been done with Paula. But what better way to ease on back in than to appear on a show with someone whom we “black” people some what respect. Disappointed Steve!


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