Five Reasons Why We Need to Let Raven ‘Be So Raven’


By now we’ve all seen the interview, followed the hashtag, maybe created some memes and had to listen to our mothers rant about it when we only came by the house to borrow $40 for gas money: Raven-Symoné said she aint Black. Actually she said “I’m not African American. I’m American.” Oprah warned her it would set Twitter on fire (and it did) and offered her the chance to ‘explain the comment.’ Well, Raven-Symoné doubled-down and stuck with it.

So Twitter came for her: “How can she say she aint Black? That’s self-hate.”, “She’s naive but she gonna learn one day.” and “You may not call yourself Black but a racist cop will still shoot you dead!” Yep, we got at her good, but now let’s try this: remove the emotion, lay aside our own racial baggage and give this young lady a chance to be heard.
5 Reasons Why We Need to Let Raven ‘Be So Raven’

1. Progress is Personal.

The battle for civil rights has one main purpose: achieving equality. Freedom from oppression, degradation and discrimination is to be expected. Freedom to live as we choose.  However, we need to remember that we don’t get to pick & choose what that freedom should mean for each and every one of us.  Raven-Symoné doesn’t want to be called African-American. Or Colored. Or Negro. Or Black. Well she has the freedom to want that. Her individual experience shouldn’t be held hostage by what WE believe progress should look like, but that’s OK. She’s doing her. You do you.

2. The Chile’ is Paid

“Money doesn’t make a differe….” Man, kill that noise. Yes. It. Does. Money always makes a difference. Raven-Symoné’s net worth is estimated around $50 million and now she’s decided that she aint Black no’ mo. See, broke and moderately-broke people like us can’t relate to the luxury of making such a choice because for many of us our experience with having choices is limited to getting to choose between the only two wing shops that still deliver to our neighborhood.  Criticize her all you want, she aint bothered. Ya’ll can kiss her un-Black American behind but make sure to stay clear of all that mean green shooting out of it.

3. There Were a Lot More Interesting Things Happening in That Interview.

Raven-Symoné may be rich but she sure seems frugal. Her hair looked like she gets dye jobs at the ‘hair school’ down the block for $15 (& a signed liability release form) and her makeup looks like she’s been ‘expressing herself’ through those community college art classes she spoke so lovingly about. Also, her family is Creole from Louisiana, so besides Black, she’s also probably White, Cherokee and about 1/16th crawfish. And don’t forget, little Olivia dates women now!!  There was a whole lot of other stuff going on in that interview and if all you learned about her is “I’m not Black,” well, that has everything to do with you and very little to do with her.

4. Give Credit Where Credit is Due.

Raven-Symoné really is an amazing role model, Black or otherwise. She’s an incredible comedic actress, a writer, producer and before you ask yes, we’re giving her a pass on that ‘singing career.’ You’ve never heard of her actin’ a fool out in public and her personal life stayed private until SHE decided she was ready to share. At 28, Raven-Symoné can be a role model not just for little girls, but also for full-grown women. Just take a look at our little sista:

5. Stop Trying to Make People that Don’t Want to Be Black, Be Black!

Look, we have way too much at stake right now to be holding on to soldiers that don’t want to stay in the fight. These folks are dead weight. They feel like they’ve overcome and good for them. We just don’t happen to agree. Either way, they are of no use to us. Let her go.

Speak on it below.

  1. Mark

    October 8, 2014 at 5:27 am

    1. She doesn’t want to be called African American, cool, as dumb as it is…. What does it say on her actress protfilio? How is she described? “An American actress”? I highly doubt it.
    Does she tell the white tv producers that she doesn’t want to play any African American roles and she only wants to play the role of an American women? HELL NO!
    I respect people’s views when they are grounded. Otherwise you’re just talking so people look at you.
    Raven needs to have all the seats for that nonsense.

  2. val

    October 9, 2014 at 11:03 am

    I can understand favon not wanting to be labeled as an african american but to be labeled as an american however here is my question isn’t that still a label? So you went from one label to another. It was ok to dress and play a little african american girl on the cosby show but now its a priblem please take serveral seats ravon


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