Five Thoughts on the ‘FergusonOctober’ Weekend



1. The Movement is Very Much Alive.

It has been almost two months since Michael Brown was murdered in Canfield Green Apts. It has been over two months of authorities protecting their own interests, hiding a murderer, smearing our young brother’s name and burying the truth. It has be just over two months since some of our brightest and most powerful young minds took to the streets and swore not to sleep until we saw justice. At the onset of the weekend of resistance, it had only been three days since VonDerrit Myers, Jr. was murdered. Mainstream media left Ferguson a long time ago and many people assumed that marked the end of the movement. They were wrong. There has been marches, demonstrations, meetings, demands and even some wins, both large and small, every single day. Everyday, they are out there fighting for your very basic right to life. Mainstream media will stop at nothing to convince you the fight is over and that we lost. Remember when Gil Scott-Heron told you “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised?” Do not trust mainstream media. ┬áPeriod.


2. We Are Taking Care Our Brother Mike Brown.

In Ferguson, St. Louis and surrounding towns, his name is being spoken. We are putting him first. Yes, this is also about systematic, government sponsored racism. Yes, this is also about racial profiling and police brutality. Yes, this movement is now also about VonDerrit Myers, Jr., Kajieme Powell, John Crawford, Darrien Hunt and the hundreds of other young Black lives that were denied the inalienable right to just BE. With that said, it was the murder of Michael Brown that set this off and his name continues to ring across the country, and even the world. On Canfield Drive, his memorial is full of life. People are still out there with him, every day, talking about him, remembering him, crying over the loss and sometimes just to replace the withering flowers with living, fresh ones. We have not forgotten Mike Brown and the people in and around Ferguson, MO are taking damn good care of him.


3. The Evil Within the Ferguson and St. Louis Police Forces is Boundless.

These police forces don’t just operate in a place of moral and legal dysfunction, they live in it. They love it. You can see it in their actions, hear it in their voices and feel it in their presence. The great majority of these officers seem unable to contain their desire to inflict pain and degradation and we’ve seen them do it with smiles on their faces. The protests have been early Christmas presents to them, real life nigger-hunts. The behavior goes unchecked, unpunished and even encouraged by every level of government. These police forces aren’t corrupt, this is how they’re designed.


4. Ferguson and St. Louis are Beautiful

When you hear and read about the atrocities taking place in these areas, it’s easy to picture them as financially depressed, ugly places, forgotten by time. However, they are not. Ferguson is solidly middle class with clean streets, modern shopping centers, traditional brick buildings, green space, locally owned businesses and the same warm spirit found in small, tight-knit communities across the country. Downtown St. Louis is breathtaking. Massive historic structures, open parks, fountains, the awe-inspiring opera house, city museums and public library, all sitting against the backdrop of the famous arch. You can stand perfectly still and not get bored with what you see. These areas are beautiful.


5. The Tragedy in Ferguson Has Revealed the Best of Us.

Before Michael Brown was murdered, our young leaders were virtually hidden to us. Whenever an injustice occurred we saw the same tired cast of characters. This time, even Iyanla and her camera crew showed up. But just over two months ago, a group of younger, fresh talents emerged. The leaders of this new civil rights movement are loud, passionate, incredibly intelligent, and they’re angry. Ferguson has shown us the BEST of us, what is important to us, and what we are capable of. Ferguson has exposed us to a massive amount of young leaders that are truly worthy of being followed. The local activists, the citizens, the rest of us supporters….we are the best of us. We are who we have been waiting for.

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