Tatyana Ali on Raven Symone: “I’ll Have What She’s Having”



Tatyana Ali wants to say something controversial.

Apparently one child actress saw another child actress set Twitter aflame by ‘seemingly’ denying her Blackness.  Tatyana Ali noticed the shit storm and thought “Well, I can do that too!”

Click below for her comments on the struggles of growing up as a Black child with ‘good hair.’  She tried it y’all.  A for effort.


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  1. Kim

    October 31, 2014 at 6:25 am

    Raven had a good run with us now she’s done. It was all good playing a black child on the Cosby show for years and other shows where she was “black”. The problem is it has nothing to do with her blackness or lack there of. She only threw that in there because of the gay label.


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