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This guy….

You may remember earlier this year when Ted Cruz was so desperate for his name to be in the news that he mocked Joe Biden shortly after his son died.  Well, now he’s picking on a old ass Jimmy Carter who recently announced that the cancer that was found in his liver, has moved to his brain.  Ted…..please die.


The speech also came after Cruz said on Twitter that his “thoughts and prayers” were with Carter, who announced on Thursday that the disease had spread from his liver to his brain. As the Los Angeles Times reported, Carter mentioned during the announcement that he wished he had sent “one more helicopter” to rescue US hostages from Iran in 1980.

“We would have rescued them, and I would have been reelected,” Carter said.

For his part, Cruz defended his remarks — however, the Dallas Morning News noted, he did not repeat his well-wishes toward Carter while doing so.

“What I commented on was the public policy of the Carter administration in the 1970s, and it didn’t work,” Cruz said. “Millions of people hurt and as a result it sparked a grassroots movement to turn this country around. The same thing is happening because we’re seeing the same failed public policy.”


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